Massive Outriders Update Will Nerf Trickster And Technomancer Next Week

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Developer People Can Fly has outlined the first major patch for Outriders that makes some tweaks to the looter-shooter, including addressing stability issues and nerfing some class-specific skills.

A disappointment to some Outriders players will come in the form of balancing adjustments to loot drops and class skills. Some enemies, like the Coldclaw and Splittooth, will drop less gear because they were being too generous with their spoils. Meanwhile, Bullet abilities (such as the Technomancer’s Blighted Rounds and the Trickster’s Twisted Rounds) have been modified so they feel more “top tier,” People Can Fly said. This includes increasing Twisted Rounds’ cooldown to 25 seconds and reducing the “Vulnerable” status effect’s power to 15%. The Technomancer and Pyromancer classes have also been nerfed, with the former’s “Damage Against Poison” skill getting its power reduced and the latter’s “Trial of Ashes” extra damage output decreased.

A big feature for the game is cross-play between consoles and PC being re-enabled. A date for when this feature will be turned on has not been specified, as People Can Fly said there’s a chance that this upcoming patch could release earlier than currently planned. In either case, cross-play will be activated next week.

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