Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 4 Fills In Major Sons Of Anarchy Timeline Hole

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One of the exciting things FX’s Mayans MC does is continue to reveal new information about the history of the universe it’s set in, which began with Sons of Anarchy. While so much has been revealed about this world of outlaw motorcycle clubs between the two shows, there are always exciting new things to learn. Warning: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Mayans MC.

In the fourth episode of the currently airing Mayans season, titled “Lahun Chan,” a rather massive hole in the Sons of Anarchy timeline was filled in, giving much more depth to the character of Happy (David LaBrava). When first introduced in the Sons of Anarchy series premiere, Happy is a member of the Tacoma chapter of the titular motorcycle club. He then leaves Tacoma to join the Nomad charter, which isn’t attached to any one town and essentially a member that acts independently within the organization.

That all changes in Season 3, when Happy is officially patched into SAMCRO, becoming a regular character on Sons of Anarchy. What we don’t learn, however, is what made Happy leave the Nomad charter to make a home in Charming with his fellow Sons. That much is revealed in this episode of Mayans MC, though.

It’s revealed that the death of EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel’s (Clayton Cardenas) mother is what led to him leaving the Nomad life and joining SAMCRO. He was hired to kill both Felipe (Edward James Olmos) and his wife, but failed in killing the family patriarch. “I f***ed up,” he admitted. “I was supposed to kill both of them.”

While Happy was never sure who called for the hit, he assumed it was one of the cartels in Mexico–most likely Galindo, given the family’s connection to that organization. After failing to kill Felipe, Happy thought the cartel would come after him for not finishing the job. It all came to a head the night EZ chased him–leading to EZ’s arrest–as he believed the cartel had finally come for him.

“That night that you chased me, I thought that’s who you were, a cleanup guy for the cartel,” he admitted. “I got spooked, didn’t feel safe riding Nomad anymore. That’s when I went to Charming, patched into SAMCRO.”

From there, we know Happy’s story. He went on to help guide SAMCRO and currently serves as the club’s Sergeant at Arms. What happens from here is where things might get interesting. EZ and Angel threatened to kill him, meaning Happy and his cub would be well within their rights to end their lives. Instead, he’s working with the brothers to help them learn more about the death of their mother. “If someone killed my mom, I’d put a bullet between his eyes,” Happy reasoned.

With this new alliance between Happy and the Reyes brothers, we can’t wait to see where the story turns next. Mayans MC airs Tuesdays on FX.

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