Metroid Dread Studio MercurySteam Doesn't Credit Everyone Who Worked On The Game

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Metroid Dread is a return to form for Nintendo heroine Samus Aran, but it seems developer MercurySteam didn’t credit everyone who worked on the game.

A new report from Spanish gaming site Vandal, which has been confirmed by MercurySteam in a statement to GameSpot, highlights how most developers who worked on the project for less than 25% of the game’s total development time are not included in Metroid Dread’s final credits.

Vandal cites at least three former MercurySteam employees left out of the game’s credits: former 3D artist Roberto Mejías, former 3D character animator Tania Peñaranda Hernández, and a third source who wished to stay anonymous, but who is said to have worked on the project for 11 months. Mejías worked on Metroid Dread for eight months, and says his work on some of the environments and assets are easily seen in the finished product.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup