Microsoft Is Reportedly Holding A Bethesda Briefing This Week, Here's What May Happen

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Now that Microsoft’s $7.5 billion deal to buy ZeniMax has been approved by regulators, the tech giant will finally begin to share some insight on what it means for Xbox going forward. This is according to VentureBeat, which reports that Microsoft will hold a “video presentation” on Thursday, March 11 to talk about the deal and its impact on the future of Xbox.

The report said Microsoft is “unlikely” to talk about specifics for future Bethesda games, going on to say that more information on Starfield is likely to come in the summer. What we will get out of the briefing on Thursday, according to the report, are some details on what the buyout means for Game Pass.

Specifically, VentureBeat said “a number of Bethesda games” should be added to Game Pass “soon.” The report also said that “any future (and contractually eligible) game from under the Zenimax umbrella will hit Game Pass at launch.”

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