Microsoft Reportedly Only Has Three-Month Exclusivity On STALKER 2

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Allegedly leaked documents that also showed Microsoft’s plan to cut its profit share for games sold on the Xbox Store also suggest STALKER 2 will not be an Xbox console exclusive for long.

Currently set to a 30% revenue split on game sales, the Xbox Store will change to give Microsoft just 12% of the profits from digital game sales, according to court documents obtained by The Verge that also touch on a potentially very limited exclusivity period for STALKER 2. According to the document, it will only be on Microsoft systems for three months before it can come to other platforms.

Tetris Effect: Connected is listed with a six-month exclusivity period on the Connected updates, which means those will likely be coming to PS4 very soon. Meanwhile, The Gunk will never come to other platforms, if the document is accurate, and will be available on Game Pass “in perpetuity.”

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