Minecraft Dungeons Is Getting Turned Into Arcade Cabinet

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When you think about playing Minecraft, or more specifically, the Minecraft Dungeons spinoff game, you’re probably picturing a PC or a console next to a couch. Mojang and Play Mechanix have something else in mind with Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, a full-fledged arcade cabinet designed to run a custom version of the game.

Though on the surface it’s very similar to the existing version of Minecraft Dungeons, Play Mechanix wanted the game to have the breakneck pace of a traditional arcade title. There are nine levels, with buttons for melee attacks, dodging, and ranged attacks so that newcomers can play it easily.

Life Minecraft Dungeons, but with more Arcade
Life Minecraft Dungeons, but with more Arcade

To make up for the lack of saving, progression is handled through physical cards that you’ll get after playing. You keep these, and when you go back to play the game again, you can scan it and access the gear. It’s almost like an Amiibo system, and you can scan up to five in total during a session, with 60 available to collect. There’s also a special card meter in the game that fills up as you collect gems. Once activated, you can deliver a devastating attack to surrounding enemies.

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