Minecraft Sonic DLC Is Available Now, And It's Got Some Very Square Rings

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Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t done celebrating his 30th anniversary just yet, as now the blue blur has raced his way into Minecraft in a new DLC.

Available now via the Minecraft Marketplace, Minecraft’s Sonic the Hedgehog DLC transforms the game into a 3D runner that can be played with friends, with each player competing in a race to the finish while collecting as many “rings” as possible. I say “rings” because these are not, technically speaking, rings at all, but rather incredibly angular golden squares. But hey, that’s Minecraft for you.

Iconic Sonic enemies, including Dr. Robotnik, as well as characters like Shadow, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles all look to be featured in the DLC. Players will be speeding through Minecraft versions of well-known Sonic maps like Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone, complete with bounce pads and loop-de-loops.

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