Minecraft: Story Mode Comes to Wii U on January 21

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Hot on the heels of Minecraft finally coming to Nintendo’s Wii U is the news that Telltale Games’ Story Mode releases this week.

January 21, is the date Wii U owners across the USA and Europe will be able to play Telltale Games’ latest adventure game, marking Telltale’s first foray onto Nintendo’s HD console. The first episode – The Order of the Stone – will be priced at $4.99 (or local currency equivalent), and will be launched aside the season pass for $19.99, which will secure the remaining episodes for $19.99.

The game will be compatible with the Wii U gamepad, allowing off TV play, just in case someone else is hogging the TV, as well as integrated touch controls, just in case you fancy not using the sticks and buttons.

Minecraft: Story Mode follows a regular person by the name of Jesse, who along with their friends finds something terrible happening within their world, and they must work together to find the legendary Order of the Stone to prevent oblivion!

We’re reviewed episodes one, two, three and four; and we think it’s pretty good. So, if you haven’t played it, and you own a Wii U then this might very well be a good time for you to jump in.

Source: God is Geek