Minecraft Update Adds Glowing Squid

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Mojang has now added a Glow Squid to Minecraft following a fan vote on the next mob held at its Minecraft Live virtual event. But while the squid is available in the game, it won’t pop up naturally, so you’ll have to know how to find one.

TechRaptor reports that the time being, at least, Glow Squid eggs can only be found in the creative inventory. Once you kill a Glow Squid, you can get a bioluminescent ink sack that you can use to make glowing text. Just combine the ink sack with another item at a crafting table, and then use a regular glow sack if you want to remove the glowing effect.

Minecraft Live took place in October and the event included a live vote to determine the next mob that would be added to the block-building game. The choices came down to the Iceologer from Minecraft Dungeons, which would be a new hostile mob that occupies snowy regions, a Moobloom from Minecraft Earth, which would have a special interaction with flower forest biomes, and the Glow Squid. Ultimately the Glow Squid won in the final vote between it and the Iceologer.

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