Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Will Launch On PC Day One

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Monster Hunter fans weren’t exactly thrilled when Capcom announced that the latest mainline entry in the series, Rise, isn’t making its way to PC until 2022. That said, if you’re looking for another Monster Hunter game to play in 2021, Monster Hunter Stories 2 will come to both PC and Switch on the same day, July 9.

Rather than focusing on the monster-slaying of the core Monster Hunter titles, Stories instead focuses on Riders who tame the giant beasts of the series in order to saddle up and fly around. A PC version of Stories 2 was rumored as part of the massive leak of Capcom information that happened last year, but this is the first official word on the topic.

Stories 2 will focus on the mysterious disappearance of MH favorite Rathalos and will include familiar monsters such as Pukei-Pukei and Nergigante. (If, like me, you still have bad memories of getting utterly wrecked by Nergi back in Monster Hunter World, hopefully he’ll be a little nicer this time.) The first Monster Hunter Stories game originally released on Nintendo 3DS and was later ported to mobile, and it was received fairly well by critics.

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