Mortal Kombat Star On Movie Sequel And Prequel Possibilities

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Like superhero comics, fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat is packed full of complicated continuity involving resurrections, reincarnations, and revivals of characters, and Sub-Zero actor Joe Taslim doesn’t see why this practice can’t make its way into the new live-action movies. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Taslim detailed the ways he thinks Sub-Zero can live on should Mortal Kombat see a sequel or prequel.

For those of you who haven’t sat down and watched the new Mortal Kombat movie just yet–spoilers alert–the villainous Sub-Zero does not survive the film. The ice-based fighter meets his end after a climactic confrontation with the resurrected Scorpion, who returns to settle an old score. This particular plotline is adapted based on stories from the video games, but in the games, Sub-Zero’s death results in his transformation into Noob Saibot.

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