New Battlefield Teaser Arrives – "War Is The Only Way Home"

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Ahead of its announcement on June 9, a new teaser for EA and DICE’s new Battlefield game has emerged online–and it’s mysterious and ominous.

EA is sending a teaser image to influencers like JackFrags by way of Twitter DM. The message contains a scrambled transmission that might offer some clues about the new game. The message was apparently intercepted, and there are some pieces missing. But what it does say is the following: “Some of you want to return home. I must tell you the truth. Do we accept our fate? If you can fire a gun … we need you. War is the only way home.”

The teaser states that the transmission was intercepted at 3600 hours. The military time clock only goes up to 2400 hours, so some people are speculating that the new Battlefield is set in the future or some kind of alternate universe. Check out the image below for yourself and see what clues you might be able to spot.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup