New Blumhouse Horror Movie By Doctor Strange Director Will Release in 2022

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Scott Derrickson may have parted ways with Marvel on the upcoming Doctor Strange And The Multiverse of Madness, but he’s cooking up a different project that will return him to his horror roots. According to Deadline, his upcoming Blumhouse movie, The Black Phone, has been given a January 28, 2022 release date by Universal Pictures.

The Black Phone will star Ethan Hawke and James Ransone (It Chapter 2) and tell the story of a 13-year-old boy named Finney Shaw who is kidnapped by a serial killer and trapped in a soundproof basement. In the basement, there is a disconnected black phone. Shortly after Finney’s abduction, he begins to hear the phone, impossibly, start ringing. On the other end, he can hear the voices of the killer’s previous victims who want to help Finney escape the same fate.

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