New DnD Tabletop Game Is A Quick, Frantic Dungeon Crawler

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While Fifth Edition saw a huge boost in popularity for Dungeons & Dragons, devoting time to a campaign and character can be a bit too much for some people and may not be great for families. And diving into D&D can be a little overwhelming, as it can be complicated for new players to learn. Luckily, WizKids has a new, fun game arriving this October called Dungeon Scrawlers.

WizKids’ Dungeon Scrawlers takes the dungeon crawling aspect all D&D players are familiar with it, simplifies it, and makes it easily accessible to everyone, no matter your age. Pre-made maps have players drawing a continuous line throughout a dungeon in order to collect points. You collect points by collecting numbered stones in order, scribbling out monsters, tracing spells, etc. The winner is whoever scores the most points during their adventure.

The full game arrives this fall and contains 10 maps and is for 2-4 players. It will cost $25, and you can preorder it here. Check out the “How to play” rules below, which also gives you a look at one of the maps.

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