New Expensive Dungeons & Dragons Dice Set Features Gem Grown By Science

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This year is the 45th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, the most popular tabletop roleplaying game of all time. To celebrate, D&D is putting out an expensive new dice set featuring a sapphire gem on it that grown in a lab. It’s a science stone, a glorious, shiny science stone.

As a D&D player myself, I’m not one to judge, but how is your dice game? Are you using anything high end? You should be. Throw that dice set from your local comic shop away which you bought for $8, and be the talk of your group with the finest of anniversary dice sets from D&D, which will run you $300, check it out below.

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The main feature of the dice is a d20 with a lab-grown sapphire on the 20-side. Have you ever had a gem grown by a scientist put onto one of your icosahedrons? Probably not, but now you can. But why would D&D do this?

“When the D&D team realized the sapphire is the traditional anniversary stone for both five years and forty-five years, and that adding a laboratory-created sapphire to a twenty-sided die wouldn’t jeopardize the integrity of a roll, we couldn’t pass up the chance to make something really cool to celebrate the milestones,” said Nathan Stewart, VP of the D&D franchise at Wizards of the Coast. “The team put together a fun product for our fans that includes art and newly updated stats for sapphire dragons, making these classic dragons ready for play in your next D&D session.”

The 45th anniversary set comes with two d20s–one of which has a sapphire in it–one d12, two d10s, one d8, four d6s, and one d4. It also comes in a custom dice box and dice tray, a foldout card with game statistics for adult, sapphire dragons, an exclusive sticker set, and a collector’s card confirming the set’s authenticity.

The 45th anniversary D&D dice set releases on November 21 for $300, and it can be purchased directly through the D&D site. Only 1,974 were made of this set, so supplies are limited.

Source: Game Spot Mashup