New Fallout 76 Update: Patch Notes Add Ally Customization, New Limited-Time Events

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Bethesda has released Update 19 for Fallout 76, and it adds a significant amount of new content to its multiplayer take on the beloved RPG series. For one, you can now finally customize the clothes that your allies wear by sharing your wardrobe with them. These outfits are purely cosmetic, however, and they cannot wear power armor or carry specific weapons.

The patch adds support for some upcoming limited-time events on the Fallout 76 calendar. Starting May 21, players can hunt Mole Miners in order to obtain their loot, which is sorted into three different tiers of rarity. Soon after that, the Fasnacht Parade will make its return, which tasks players with protecting marchers in a parade route. Additionally, the patch introduces more challenges for Nuclear Winter, which is 76’s 52-player battle royale mode.

As with previous patches, Update 19 tweaks a large number of small aspects of the game, fixing many bugs and adjusting quests. For example, when players craft new weapons and armors, the automatically-generated names should now follow a more consistent pattern, and changing your backpack skin is a lot easier now.

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