New Final Fantasy VII Remake Playstation Store Pre-Order Bonus Theme Now Available

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The official Final Fantasy VII Remake twitter account has teased yet another PS4 theme. Fans of the franchise can now get a limited bonus theme ‘Prelude’ when you pre-order your copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake on the Playstation Store and have a digital copy of of FFXIV–including the free trial–downloaded. The theme is a collaboration of FFVII Remake and Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn images and icons, along with the music track “Prelude” from the Remake.

As the theme is a part of the pre-order for the digital edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4, the theme is only available if you purchase before the official release date, April 10. Whether or not this theme will be available after the release date for purchase is unknown.

PS4 players can download the theme for free right now if they fulfill two conditions:

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