New Fortnite Nerf Blasters Are The Perfect Way To Annoy Your Roommate While Social Distancing

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We’re all in a bizarre situation currently, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to stay at home, and have extremely limited contact with the outside world. So, from time to time, we need to introduce a little bit of fun and excitement into our lives at home. And what better way to do so than shooting your roommate with Nerf blasters?

We’re all getting a little bit of cabin fever at this point, and we all have a bit of pent-up energy. There is no better way to get rid of that energy than having a Nerf blaster war. And if you need to take a break from playing Fortnite, you can bring the video game into your home with a new line of Rippley-themed Nerf blasters.

The line of three blasters is coming exclusively to Best Buy in May, and a couple of them are repaints of Fortnite Nerf blasters from last year. But what’s really important is that these upcoming blasters are a lot of fun and a great way to assault your roommate when they eat all the ice cream, which you went to the store and bought for yourself.

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