New Game Of Thrones Game Beyond The Wall Launching On iOS And Android Later This Month

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While the show may be finished, Game Of Thrones lives on in many forms. From the main books, prequels in development, and various games, Behaviour Interactive and GAEA are the latest to contribute to the franchise, with Game Of Thrones Beyond The Wall, a mobile game centered around an original story set beyond the wall.

Beyond The Wall puts players in control of the Night’s Watch on the Wall, where they must defend Westeros from mysterious enemies that lay beyond. Recruit major story characters from all over the Seven Kingdoms to aid you in your quest and set out on a journey fifty years before the events of the main series.

Send your troops and characters on missions.
Send your troops and characters on missions.

Players can pre-register and earn special rewards on iOS now. Pre-ordering will earn players 10,000 copper pennies, 10 Shards of Jon Snow, and the Knight of the Vale character. If the pre-registers hit certain milestones, then players will earn even more rewards, with character shards unlocked at 1.5 million, 2 million, and 3 million. These character shards can be used to rank up the player’s character

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