New Loki Episode Explains Where TVA Agents Really Come From

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The Time Variance Authority, more commonly known to as the TVA, is in charge of making sure people stay in their lane and don’t create multiple universes with their decisions. However, during Episode 3, Sylvie revealed to Loki where the TVA agents really come from, and it’s a bit of a trip.

Warning: There are spoilers for Episode 3 of Disney+’s Loki below. If you don’t want to be spoiled, turn away now.

While Loki and Sylvie were trying to escape a planet doomed to be destroyed by its orbiting moon, Sylvie revealed some interesting information about where the TVA agents come from. To this point, the audience was to believe the agents were created by the Time-Keepers. That’s not the case. TVA agents are actually captured variants. We saw some flashbacks with Sylvie and Hunter C-20, as Sylvie was trying to find out more about the Time Keepers, and this is when Sylvie dropped the news that all TVA agents are variants.

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