New On Netflix In October 2021: You Season 3, Seinfeld, And Much More

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October is nearly here, which means that Netflix is certainly rising to the occasion by debuting all sorts of new horror and creepy content. But fear not–if horror isn’t your jam, there’s still lots of other options hitting the streaming service next month.

To get the non-frightening options out of the way first, the big obvious Netflix addition to mention is that the classic sitcom Seinfeld is migrating over on October 1. Probably the only thing that could be scary about Seinfeld is if you’ve never seen it. Well, if you picked a lane and only subscribed to Netflix, this is finally your chance. You can finally get all those jokes and references people were making over 20 years ago!

For some more disturbing content that also has a strong satirical point of view, two options really stand out. First up on October 12, there’s The Trip. This Norwegian horror-comedy film is about a couple that’s “eager to end their marriage by murdering each other” until the pair “soon find themselves facing an even bigger threat.”

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