New On Netflix This Week: High-Rise Invasion, The Conjuring, And Our Idiot Brother

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This final week of February, Netflix is only rolling out a mere 15 titles new to the streaming service by the time the next weekend rolls around. Or to put a more positive slant on that fact, think of it this way: Even if there’s nothing on the list below that you’ve been anxious to kick back and watch, it’s only a few days before March rolls around, and there’s a whole month of new content awaiting you.

On the anime and manga side of things, February 25 sees the release of High-Rise Invasion. Adapted from the suspense manga by the same name, the series is about a young girl witnessing a masked figure splitting a man’s head open with an axe. As the title suggests, this crime takes place on the roof of a high-rise building, and the girl, Yuri, has to make a choice whether to make a hasty escape or fight the criminals. Just think, this show could also double as educational viewing, as these are the sorts of situations we can all look forward to potentially encountering once quarantine ends.

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