New Outriders Demo Update Eliminates Lootcave Exploit

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Publisher Square Enix has announced that the Outriders demo will be getting an update on March 5 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. The update will implement a few balancing changes and quality-of-life improvements.

The update is largely aimed at eliminating the grind for loot. The Outriders demo has a lootcave run where players can reload over and over to open the same three chests–which, when done enough times, allows you to eventually get some nice loot, including legendary items. The update eliminates this exploit by ensuring chests will no longer drop legendary items.

“While we do not want to prevent farming runs (We get it!), the lootcave discovered via the triple chest-run, as well as the store exploit, do not feel to be within the spirit of the game,” the patch notes say. “To that end, we are redirecting farming efforts to mechanics in the game that may be more enjoyable for players to play through and repeat.”

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