New Overwatch bug keeps Mei’s ice walls up forever – Frosty reception.

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It seems that not all bugs were zapped during the testing phase of Blizzard’s latest Overwatch update.

While the new patch brings a variety of hero balances as well as support sniper Ana to consoles, it seems to have given Mei the ability to place timeless ice walls. Our favourite Chinese cryo-scientist can now place a wall that will last forever, never despawning or crumbling when the hotkey is pressed for a second time. The only way it can be removed is if the enemy team destroy it or another is placed, allowing for trolls to double up on Mei’s and barricade their teammates within their own spawn.

The bug was picked up by Reddit (and witnessed first-hand by myself) while playing on the freshly patched PS4 version. The thread also notes that if a player places an ice wall, returns to spawn, chooses another hero and then reverts back to Mei, they will be able to place a second wall without the first disappearing.

A Blizzard customer support acknowledged the bug, writing in the thread: “This is a known issue we’re currently addressing”.

Looks like we’ll have to wait this one out.

Source: God is Geek