New Pokemon Snap: 7 Biggest Changes From The Original To Know Before Playing

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At its core, New Pokemon Snap is fundamentally the same as the original Pokemon Snap. You’re on-rails, you have items at your disposal to help you get better pictures, and at the end, your photos are graded by the professor. But it’s not entirely accurate to say that New Pokemon Snap is identical to its predecessor, so let’s take a look at the biggest changes in New Pokemon Snap compared to the original.

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You Can Go Out At Night Now

You’re still a kid in this game, but this time the adults let you go out at night. New to New Pokemon Snap are night versions of courses. At night, you’ll encounter different Pokemon and a variety of new poses for Pokemon that were there during the day. For example, an Exeggutor who was walking around during the day can be found sleeping instead.

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