New Shaman King Anime Trailer Reveals August 9 Netflix Release

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Netflix will finally bring anime Shaman King back for Western audiences on August 9, according to an announcement made during Geeked Week, a fan-facing virtual event revealing first looks at upcoming content. Although this batch of 11 episodes has already started airing in Japan back in April, this new reboot signals the end of a very long wait–it’s the first time the series has aired as an anime since 2001.

Shaman King follows Yoh, a 13-year-old shaman who can communicate with the dead. With his ability, Yoh wants to become the Shaman King and earn the power to reshape the world. But to accomplish that, he must first win a Shaman Fight tournament between shamans that only happens every five centuries. If you’re a fan of shonen anime, the previous anime, or the manga that got underway all the way back in 1998, there’s a lot to be excited about here (even if you already watched an official subtitled version). Check out the new trailer courtesy of Netflix below.

This new anime series is an adaptation of the complete manga edition, so this is the full Shaman King story. The Japanese version is still weekly airing the 15 episodes of the full anime, which run roughly 23 minutes each. In addition to Netflix’s new trailer above, the show’s official Twitter is jam-packed with clips, stills, and loads more–you’ll probably have to turn on a translation browser extension to understand everything else, though.

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