New Space Jam Movie Had A Scene Where Pepe Le Pew Got His Comeuppance, But It Was Cut

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The new Space Jam movie, A New Legacy, will not feature the French skunk Pepe Le Pew, according to Deadline. The site reported that Warner Bros. planned a scene for the movie involving the skunk and Jane the Virgin actress Greice Santo, but it’s been cut. The site also reported that Santo was upset by the removal of the scene, which would have finally given the slimy skunk his comeuppance.

Deadline reported that Warner Bros. filmed a scene with Santo and a CG version of Pepe Le Pew back in 2019 but this has now been cut. Terence Nance, who was the first director on A New Legacy, filmed this live-action scene before he left the movie and was replaced by Malcolm D. Lee.

With Lee now directing the movie, the producers went a different direction. This happened “a while ago,” and Pepe Le Pew was never animated and prepared for the movie, according to the report.

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