New To Netflix This Week: 7Seeds Returns, New Anime, Movies, TV Shows, And Originals (3/23-3/28)

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If there was ever a time to binge-watch everything on Netflix, now is the time. While March is winding down, there is still plenty coming to the streaming service this week. An original series returns, there’s a highly-anticipated anime arriving, and there are new movies you’ll want to watch. Check out everything coming to Netflix for the week of March 22 and a few of our recommendations.

The most anticipated Netflix original return happens on Friday. Season 3 of the hit show Ozark is back. The series follows a financial advisor (Jason Bateman), who moves from Chicago down to the Ozarks in order to work for a drug boss and launder money. Of course, working for a criminal enterprise has its up and its downs, and things aren’t as easy as they seem. You can check out a trailer for the latest season below.

Netflix has been diving head first into the world of animated series–modeled after Japanese anime. One of the most-anticipated returns is none other than 7Seeds, which sees Part 2 of the current season land this Thursday. The anime is based on the manga of the same name by Yumi Tamura. The show follows a post-apocalyptic world after a meteor hit the Earth. However, before the meteor, scientists took young healthy people and put them into cryo-stasis. After the dust settled, a computer determined when to awaken these individuals, and these people must survive in a brand-new landscape. Check out the trailer for the new episodes below.

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