New Trailer For Pixar Movie Soul Has Arrived

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A new trailer for Pixar’s next movie, Soul, has arrived–and it’s wonderful. For those just catching up, Soul follows the middle school band teacher Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) who lives in New York City. Something happens, and Joe–the first Black protagonist in Pixar’s history–is transported to “The Great Before,” a fantastical world where people are created before traveling to Earth. The first trailer for Soul focused on this other place, while this one shows us Joe in his human life.

We also hear a particularly poignant line from Joe. He says, “Spend your precious hours doing what will bring out the real you; the brilliant, passionate you, that’s ready to contribute something meanginful into this world. Get ready, your life is about to start.”

The trailer features the original song “Parting Ways,” which was written by Cody Chesnutt.

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