Newegg Reveals Its Lottery System to Combat Bots And Scalpers

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Scalpers utilizing armies of bots to instantly purchase high-demand hardware have become a scourge online, and e-retailer Newegg is attempting to solve that problem by rolling out a lottery system.

Called Newegg Shuffle, the feature randomly chooses consumers who have an account to pick an item that they’d like to purchase on the website. If successfully chosen, the customer will then be notified by email and they’ll have a three-hour window to complete the purchase.

“Recent industry-wide scarcity of certain products illuminated the need for Newegg to take a more aggressive stance to weed out bots and place everyone on equal footing,” said Newegg’s chief technology officer Montaque Hou in a statement. “Our Newegg Shuffle is an important step forward in getting newly released, in-demand products into the hands of gamers and other end users in the most equitable way possible.”

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