Nintendo announce Nintendo Labo, a cardboard accessory kit for Switch – Do videogames dream of cardboard sheep?

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Once again Nintendo comes out of left field with a announcement that is basic, looks cool, and is made out of something ordinary. Typical Nintendo.

This is Labo, or, Nintendo Labo to give it it’s full name. Labo is comprised of cardboard stencils that are used to craft accessories for the Switch. Pop out the templates, fold along the lines and you have a piano which then syncs with the Switch and allows you to play Piano.

But wait, there’s more!

It’s also a robot kit, a VR headset, a fishing rod, a motorcycle, a house, put simply, it’s whatever Nintendo wants to create.

The robot kit houses two joycons and using the HD rumble moves the unit around. A fishing rod also comes with a housing for the Switch, which plays host to a fishing game, and you, well, fish. A motorcycle housing comes complete with handlebar holders for the joycons allowing you to rev up.

But, most interestingly is the VR headset. There’s a head mount which holds the Switch itself, while hand grips hold the Joycons. The whole thing is held together via a cardboard backpack which links it all, and, well, as you can see in the video above the backpack also plays host to a series of moving parts, which are most likely going to simulate resistance.

This all feels like an extension of Google’s ‘cardboard VR’, with a whole raft of possibilities being offered up, and being made out of one of the cheapest and most flexible materials around means it’ll be within everyone’s possibility of owning.

Nintendo Labo will launch on the 20th of April, with a variety pack and the great big VR robot pack available.

Source: God is Geek