Nintendo Is Opening A Museum Gallery In Japan

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Nintendo is opening a museum of sorts. The company announced on Wednesday that it will transform its Uji Ogura plant in Kyoto, as well as the land surrounding it, into a “new gallery to showcase the many products Nintendo has launched over its history.”

In a news release, Nintendo said it had been looking for a way to share the company’s development history and philosophy to the public, and now it’s finally happening. The plant will be renovated for the gallery, which is being developed in conjunction with the city of Uji’s plan to re-develop the area near the Ogura station.

Perspective drawing of “Nintendo Gallery” (tentative name)
Perspective drawing of “Nintendo Gallery” (tentative name)

The Uji Ogura plant was built in 1969 and was renovated in 1988. It is used to manufacture playing cards and Hanafuda cards, while it also was a customer service center. These operations moved to the new Uji plant in November 2016, and Nintendo had been looking for a way to utilize the space since then.

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