Nintendo releases new videos to make Labo look more awesome – Living in a box

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Let’s face it, the original Labo trailer was awesome, but we didn’t know quite how much, until now.

In three new videos from Nintendo we get an overview of all the kits that will be available when they launch on April 27, starting with the overview above. After that is an in-depth look at the variety kit, which shows us the different Toy-cons that come in the set, and gives us some info on how the parts that insert into the objects actually affect what they do.

Seeing how the blocks that you insert into the house can affect the occupant’s living conditions is very cool, then there’s all the different ways you can change how the piano makes sounds, then how the RC Car works, and can even move around by itself in pitch black darkness with the IR camera.

Finally we get a better look at the robot kit, which even though it doesn’t offer a VR mode ala Google Cardboard you put the visor down to enter a first person mode, crouch down to turn into a car, open your arms to turn into a plane, and, and, oh my god it’s just so freaking awesome!

If you haven’t guessed I am so stoked for Nintendo Labo, my son is going to love it, and there’s not long to go now.

Source: God is Geek