Nintendo Switch Gets A Beloved Multiplayer Game Next Month

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Killer Queen Black, the console port of the arcade esport hit, is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 11. Developer Liquid Bit showed off a new trailer including the release date through Nintendo. It will cost $20, but a pre-purchase discount brings it down to $17.

The arcade game Killer Queen first debuted in 2013, and has become a popular stand-up arcade cabinet and in the competitive circuit. Killer Queen Black is the name given to its console versions, and Liquid Bit boasts that this version includes a tutorial, spectate mode, stat tracker, and ranked, unranked, and custom online modes. You can play locally with up to 4 players, or 8 players by connecting to Switch systems. It will also sport online cross-play with the PC and Xbox One versions once they launch.

In Killer Queen, players can achieve victory in one of three ways: military, economic, or snail. Military involves taking down the enemy Queen three times in a match, but the Queen is much more nimble and powerful than any other units. Economic is achieved by having workers steal a set number of berries and bring them back to their hive. Snail victory is a tug-of-war to slowly ride a snail toward a finish line. The variety of win conditions means teams will often have to switch up their goals and defenses as a match goes on.

Source: Game Spot Mashup