Nintendo Switch NES/SNES Collection Adds Donkey Kong Country 3 And 4 Other Games This Month

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Fans of the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on SNES, rejoice–Donkey Kong Country 3 is joining the Nintendo Switch Online collection this month. The third game in the trilogy–which is not quite as beloved as the first two, but is still well-regarded–arrives on December 18, alongside four other games.

Donkey Kong Country 3 features Dixie and Kiddy Kong, on a quest to rescue Donkey and Diddy. The game introduced overworld vehicles and some new moves, and it still looks great in 2020.

There are three more SNES games and a NES game coming on December 18, too. The other SNES games are a bit more obscure, and you can check them out in the trailer below.

The Ignition Factor is a game about fighting fires, Super Valis IV is a scrolling action game, and Tuff E Nuff is a fighting game. While these games are unlikely to stir up as much nostalgia as Donkey Kong, there’s still bound to be some love for them among players.

Nightshade on the NES is an interesting choice, too–it’s an adventure game, developed by Australian Beam Software. The 1992 game was criticized for poor controls at the time, but it’s an interesting curio, and definitely a title that few players have had a chance to experience.

The NES/SNES library on Nintendo Switch Online now features over 90 games.

Source: Game Spot Mashup