Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Will Cost $50 Per Year

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The previously announced Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription plan was detailed a few weeks back, adding Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games to the console. Now we know the price: $50 for a year. But there’s another bonus that makes the deal a little bit better.

For $50 a month on an individual plan or $80 for the family membership, which grants multiple users access to its benefits, the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack gives you all the content in the standard Nintendo Switch Online plan. You also get a selection of Nintendo 64 games, Genesis games, and the recently announced Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise DLC. That DLC is also available to purchase on its own for $25 (and is separate from the major free update), and because a standard 12-month NSO subscription is $20, it makes the $50 yearly subscription a little more reasonable.

Nintendo 64 NSO + Expansion Pack games
Nintendo 64 NSO + Expansion Pack games

Nintendo previously detailed the full list of launch games available for both N64 and Genesis on Nintendo Switch Online. Big hits like Mario Kart 64 and Star Fox 64 are joined by lesser-known games, including Sin and Punishment and the Genesis shooter Musha. Over time, additional games are going to come, as well.

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