Nintendo Switch to cost 25000 yen in Japan: Report – Fair?

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Nikkei, the Japanese financial newspaper published a report about the price for Nintendo Switch.

The report that can be read here states that the price will be 25000 YEN. This would roughly translate to $250 and 250 Euros given how Nintendo prices across regions. This would imply a £200 price for UK. We will have more information in the livestream scheduled for January 13.

Nintendo is fresh from the launch of Super Mario Run that took place last month. Super Mario Run is scheduled to hit Android as well and you can sign up for it here. Nintendo’s shareholders will no doubt be paying attention to any bit of information as Nintendo is still in the spotlight and will be with their upcoming hardware release.

For now, the details of what this 25000 Yen SKU includes are unclear. Nintendo Switch is set to release in March 2017.

Thanks, Nikkei.

Source: God is Geek