No Man’s Sky bug skips directions to vital blueprint, leaving players stranded – Endlessly floating.

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It appears that a No Man’s Sky bug is leaving players stranded in desolate galaxies with no means of escape, and it’s all thanks to a pesky pre-order bonus.

Reported on Reddit, the bug apparently stems from the pre-order bonus of the Alpha Vector ship which provides players with an upgraded starship already equipped with a hyperdrive. When first starting, there is a lengthy tutorial which leads players to find a blueprint for a hyperdrive — the device which allows warping between star systems — so that they can build it themselves. However, one player has reported that redeeming this bonus before attaining the hyperdrive blueprint can cause players to become stranded, unable to advance towards the centre of the galaxy.

User McBlurry writes: “If you (the player) finally give in (like I did) to the annoying-ass message in the bottom right of the screen telling you you have unclaimed rewards during a specific part in the tutorial (before receiving and building the hyperdrive), the game will skip over this section of the tutorial completely, and move on like nothing happened, with no hint to the player that anything is wrong. In reality, the player ends up starting the game without the ability to build the essential item that allows you to get around and progress in the game.”

Despite their pre-order ship already having a hyperdrive installed, the user says they upgraded to a bigger starship which did not have a hyperdrive — assuming it would transfer once the trade was completed. This was not the case and since they had no blueprint to build one themselves, remained stranded in the first galaxy. According to a number of comments, many purchasable starships come without hyperdrives, forcing you to create your own.

Commenters on the post have said that colonial outposts and abandoned buildings appear to hold the blueprints to these vital components and with enough exploration, the user should be able to find without restarting. Based on my own experience, I redeemed my pre-order ship with the hyperdrive blueprint but missing the blueprint for creating warp fuel. Fortunately, I stumbled across it while navigating the landmarks of an already-visited planet.

It does seem like with enough venturing around, you’d come across the prints but the vital directions of the tutorial make this conquest a whole lot easier. Make sure to redeem your ship after finding the hyperdrive blueprints to save you the trouble.

Source: God is Geek