No Man's Sky Prisms Update Out Now, Adds Flying Pets And DLSS Support

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Hello Games has just released the latest update for No Man’s Sky, called Prisms, and it’s a big one. In addition to support for Deep Learning Super Sampling and improved graphical fidelity, the update also includes flying pets, better weather patterns, and other changes.

Prisms, which is technically No Man’s Sky Update 3.5, is largely centered around improvements to the visual quality and aesthetic of the game. For example, planetary creatures can now sport fur; in the past, the aliens you’d encounter would largely look reptilian, dinosaur-like, or insect-like. A lot of environments have been given a fresh coat of paint, too; caves are richer and more full of life, while skyboxes will show off more stars. Prisms also includes some substantial improvements to lighting and textures, such as better torch visuals, light refractions, and parallax occlusion mapping.

The developer has also incorporated some additional graphics technology into the game, such as support for DLSS. This tech basically uses a fancy upscaling algorithm to reduce the tradeoff between resolution, graphics quality, and frame rate, allowing more PCs to run the game at high resolutions and retain strong performance. In addition, No Man’s Sky now has screen space reflections (SSRs) in certain locations, which allows for more realistic lighting and reflections, primarily indoors.

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