Nvidia Will Re-Release RTX 30-Series Cards With More Limited Crypto Mining, Report Claims

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A report from hardware outlet VideoCardz states that Nvidia’s upcoming reissue of its RTX 30-series cards will include chips that will limit their ability to mine cryptocurrency. According to the report, Nvidia’s GAxx2 chips will ship in the middle of May, and they will feature “LHR” chips, which stands for “Lite Hash Rate.”

The report notes that Lite Hash Rate is not a marketing term, but a term used internally to describe GPUs to company partners. While these sellers will know which cards include the LHR chips, it will be invisible to the customers buying the chips, hence the “quiet launch” mentioned in the piece. It also claims that these new chips will offer the same performance as cards that are already on the market.

In fact, performance might actually increase thanks to the on-board “ResizableBAR” feature, which allows the GPU to transfer data to the CPU more effectively than normal. According to Nvidia, existing 30-series GPUs require a VBIOS update to take advantage of that feature, which also requires compatible hardware.

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