Omensight launches on PS4 and PC today, launch trailer released – End of days

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Spearhead releases launch trailer for Omensight as game launches today.

The murder mystery action adventure game Omensight is now available on PS4 and PC platforms. Watch the launch trailer for it below:

Malik Boukhira, co-founder of Spearhead Games, commented:

“When Stories: The Path of Destinies was all set and done, we felt that there was much more left to explore with branching narratives and time-loops, that we had only scratched the surface of interactive storytelling in video games. We wanted to do more. Thus began an arduous, but gratifying, 18-month journey with 15 people, some Spearhead veterans and a lot of new blood. Our goal was to do much better than we did before – creating a deeper combat system, showing the world in a more cinematic way, and raising the stakes for the players. We put our all into Omensight and we hope players will enjoy playing it!”

Omensight is now available on PS4 and PC for $19.99. It will be 20% off on PSN in Europe for launch and 10% off on Steam.

Source: God is Geek