Overwatch Halloween Terror Is Now Live Until November

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Overwatch is celebrating the spookiest time of the year with an event called Halloween Terror, which is now live for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Players can log in from October 12 through November 2 to complete weekly challenges and earn rewards. Cosmetic unlocks from previous events will also be available, along with new ones.

All of Junkenstein’s Revenge missions will be available to players throughout the entire duration of Halloween Terror, including Vengeful Ghost, Volatile Zomnics, Mystery Swap, Frenzied Stampede, Three They Were, and Shocking Surprise.

During Week 1, Playing nine games will earn players the Skeleton Genji Spray, while 18 games net the Skeleton Genji Player Icon, and 27 games reward players with the Skeleton Genji Epic Skin. Week 2 has the same set for Zarya, with playing 9, 18, and 27 games giving players the Einherjar Spray, Player Icon, and Epic Skin, respectively. Finally, Week 3 concludes with Roadhog’s Clown set.

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