Path Of Exile 2 Beta Starts Late 2020 At The Earliest

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Path of Exile 2 was officially announced at ExileCon–and it looks very intriguing and compelling. Grinding Gear Games has now confirmed when the game will be available for the public.

The Path of Exile 2 website confirms that the first beta for the game will begin in “very late 2020” at the soonest. There is no projection of a release date for the full game, however.

As development continues on Path of Exile 2, Grinding Gear Games will continue to the support the base game, Path of Exile 1. The company said it remains committed to releasing Path of Exile 1 expansions once every three months. Whatever new content comes to Path of Exile 1 will also be available in the Path of Exile 2 update, as both games are being folded together in the future.

Path of Exile 2 is also expected to launch on consoles, including the PlayStation 5 and next-generation Xbox.

ExileCon Day 1 was packed with big news and reveals, the biggest of which was the announcement of Path of Exile 2. For lots more, check out the news roundup below.

Disclosure: Grinding Gear Games paid for GameSpot’s flight and accommodation in Auckland, New Zealand to attend ExileCon.

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