Payday 3 News Coming This Week As Part Of 10th Anniversary Celebrations

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Starbreeze’s Payday series celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and the studio is celebrating the occasion in a number of ways. Starbreeze is marking the milestone with a week’s worth of announcements, including a new docu-series that looks back to the past and forward to the future of the heist-themed shooter series.

The series is called 10 Years of Payday, and there are four parts, each of which will dig into the Payday franchise’s legacy and impact. The first episode is focused on the origins of the series and the tumultuous time at developer Overkill Software, which went bankrupt before it made Payday.

The studio headed to E3 that year with a new game, Stone Cold, and the team even made all kinds of merch like mugs and t-shirts with that name on it. But at the last minute, publisher Sony Online Entertainment said the name needed to change because of a clash with WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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