Persona 5 gets new confidants trailer – Meet the support.

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Atlus have revealed four new trailers for Persona 5, showing how several Confidant characters that you’ll encounter can assist the protagonist and his associates, the Phantom Thieves.

The first is Shinya Oda, a shooting game expert that can be found at the arcade. Spending time with him allows the Phantom Thieves to learn new gun skills such as Warning Shot and Bullet Hail.

Ichiko Ohya is a busy journalist who you’ll find relaxing with a few drinks at the Crossroads Bar. Players can meet with her to provide information on the Thieves and spread their fame while also learning abilities that help to keep security at bay in heists.

Chihaya Mifune is an excellent fortune teller who can provide the team with useful buffs when she is visited at her office in Shinjuku.

Finally, Yuuki Mishima is a social media expert who manages to uncover the secret identities of the Phantom Thieves so is put in charge of managing their “Phan-site.” He supports the Thieves by providing buffs to increase EXP gained from battle.

Persona 5 will release on April 17 for PS3 and PS4.

Source: God is Geek