Persona 5 Strikers Hands-On: A Lighthearted Yet Tough Follow Up

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It’s an exciting prospect when one of your favorite games—in a series that typically doesn’t receive direct sequels—gets what’s more or less, well, a direct sequel. Mainline entries in Persona have a sort of definitive conclusion then get spinoffs or reissues, while a brand new storyline starts in the next full game (Persona 2 being an exception). Persona 5 Strikers, however, picks up where the original left off: The Phantom Thieves are back together to fight evil in the Metaverse as the cops keep a watchful eye on their moves. But now we have musou-style action RPG gameplay that’s explosive, frenetic, and at least in the early stages, pretty damn tough.

I’ve spent about five hours with Persona 5 Strikers, which encompasses the opening scenarios and the entire first palace (or dungeon), and it’s a blessing to be kicking ass as these characters again with all the lavish style you’d expect. With what seems to be a story with lower stakes and tiny slices of life simulation elements, it kind of feels like a Persona 5-lite in its narrative. The best way to put it is that Persona 5 Strikers is like the movie companion to your favorite anime.

Return Of The Metaverse And Humanity’s Companion

It’s summer vacation. Makoto and Haru have already started college, while everyone else is finishing up high school (except for Futaba, who broke out of her shell and started high school, props to her). Joker decides to return to Tokyo after a string of group texts, and everyone’s going to have a carefree and lovely time with their leader back in town. Except, that’s a lie.

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