PES 2018 PC specs “will be demanding, but we must push the game forward” – Not ready to share final specs, yet.

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One of the biggest complains about PES 2017 (and in fact, for the last few years) has been the PC version.

After jumping to the FOX engine and new-gen consoles, PES has looked great for a few years, but the PC version never quite caught up. Now, we know that the PC version will be on par with the PS4 and Xbox One, and while the team behind PES 2018 aren’t quite ready to share specific details, PES Global Product & Brand Manager, Adam Bhatti has taken to Twitter to tell us what system the recent press demos have been running on:

Now, as you might realise, that’s a serious machine, right there. But in fairness, it’s also pretty standard for media events to showcase demos on impressive, expensive PCs.