Pixar Announces Two New Movies, One Is The True Story Of Buzz Lightyear

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During the Disney Investor Day, Pixar revealed two new movies coming in the near future. One of them is from the director of the Pixar short Bao–Domee Shi–and the other is a brand-new take on one of the stars of Toy Story.

Lightyear is coming to theaters on June 17, 2022, and Tim Allen will not be reprising his role of the Space Ranger, as this movie will tell the true story of Buzz Lightyear. Captain America himself, Chris Evans will be voicing the character. Pixar revealed a brief video of the title, which you can see below.

CCO of Pixar Pete Docter spoke about what we can expect from Lightyear. “At first glance, you might think this is a Toy Story film, well not so fast,” Docter explained. “See back when we created the very first Toy Story, we designed Buzz Lightyear with the idea that he was a toy based on some really cool character from an epic blockbuster film. Well, all these years later, we decided it’s time to make that film. Directed by Pixar vet Angus MaClane–co-director of Finding Dory–Lightyear is the definitive origin story of the original Buzz Lightyear, and it reveals how this young test pilot became the Space Ranger we all know him to be today, and we’re excited to announce this new Buzz Lightyear will be voiced by none other than Chris Evans. You don’t get much more traditional Pixar than Buzz, and we’re excited to have Chris’s help in bringing a new twist to this iconic character. We can’t wait to take audiences to infinity and beyond.”

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