Plague Inc. Developer Donates $250,000 To Fight Coronavirus

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Plague Inc. developer Ndemic Creations’ game simulates what might happen in the event of an unstoppable pandemic, but the company is now doing its part to stop one. Ndemic announced this week that it donated $250,000 in order to fight the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The donation was made to the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations as well as the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The former is dedicated to developing and financing vaccines to treating new infectious disease, while the latter is focused on preventing, detecting, and treating COVID-19 worldwide.

“Eight years ago, I never imagined the real world would come to resemble a game of Plague Inc., or that so many players would be using Plague Inc. to help them get through an actual pandemic,” the game’s creator James Vaughan said in the announcement. “We are proud to be able to help support the vital work of the WHO and CEPI as they work towards finding a vaccine for COVID-19.”

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