Pokemon Go: All The Gen 5 Pokemon So Far And How To Get Them

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After numerous teases, the first Gen 5 Pokemon are finally making their debut in Pokemon Go today as part of the game’s third and final set of Ultra Bonuses. Players around the world will soon be able to encounter a variety of monsters originally from Pokemon Black and White, with even more to come over the next few months.

As teased, the three Unova starters–Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott–will be among the new Pokemon you can find, and they’ll be available both in the wild and from certain eggs. They certainly aren’t the only Gen 5 monsters coming to the game, however. Pidove, Lillipup, Patrat, and more will also appear in the wild, while Litwick, Ferroseed, Deino, and others can hatch from 10 km eggs.

Depending on where you live, you’ll also be able to encounter a handful of new region-exclusive Pokemon. Durant and Heatmor will only appear in the Eastern and Western hemispheres, respectively, while the three elemental monkeys Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour will each be exclusive to certain parts of the world.

Finally, to coincide with the Gen 5, Niantic is introducing a new evolutionary item to the game called the Unova Stone. Much like the Sinnoh Stone, this is required to evolve certain Gen 5 Pokemon, such Lampent, and it can be obtained through Research Breakthroughs.

Below, we’ve rounded up all the Gen 5 Pokemon confirmed for Pokemon Go so far, along with all the known ways you can obtain them. We’ll continue to update this list as more Gen 5 Pokemon are introduced to the game, so be sure to check back often if you’re looking to add a particular Unova Pokemon to your collection.

Pokemon Go Gen 5 Pokemon List

Gen 5 Pokemon How To Obtain
Snivy Wild, 5 km eggs
Servine Evolve Snivy
Serperior Evolve Servine
Tepig Wild, 5 km eggs
Pignite Evolve Tepig
Emboar Evolve Pignite
Oshawott Wild, 5 km eggs
Dewott Evolve Oshawott
Samurott Evolve Dewott
Patrat Wild, Raids, 2 km eggs
Watchog Evolve Patrat
Lillipup Wild, Raids, 2 km eggs
Herdier Evolve Lillipup
Stoutland Evolve Herdier
Purrloin Wild, 2 km eggs
Liepard Evolve Purrloin
Pansage Asia-Pacific exclusive
Simisage Evolve Pansage
Pansear Europe, Middle East, Africa, India exclusive
Simisear Evolve Pansear
Panpour Americas, Greenland exclusive
Simipour Evolve Panpour
Pidove Wild, 2 km eggs
Tranquill Evolve Pidove
Unfezant Evolve Tranquill
Blitzle Wild
Zebstrika Evolve Blitzle
Drilbur 5 km eggs
Excadrill Evolve Drilbur
Foongus 5 km eggs
Amoongus Evolve Foongus
Ferroseed 10 km eggs
Ferrothorn Evolve Ferroseed
Klink Raids, 10 km eggs
Klang Evolve Klink
Klinklang Evolve Klang
Litwick 10 km eggs
Lampent Evolve Litwick
Chandelure Evolve Lampent (via Unova Stone)
Golett 10 km eggs
Golurk Evolve Golett
Heatmor Western hemisphere exclusive
Durant Eastern hemisphere exclusive
Deino 10 km eggs
Zweilous Evolve Deino
Hydreigon Evolve Zweilous

Source: Game Spot Mashup